How Much Can You Earn As A Locksmith?

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How Much Can You Earn As A Locksmith?

With job opportunities, one of the biggest considerations you have is the wage you can earn when you have completed your training. There are many high paid jobs out there; solicitors, a doctor, accountants and they all come with years of training. There is many rumours at the moment regarding Locksmiths in Perth saying that you can do a 3 day course and start earning $100 000 immediately.

While there may be the very odd exception to the rule, earning this kind of salary after such a short period of training must be viewed as unrealistic, to say the least. Think about it logically for a minute; if you only had to give up 3 days of your life to them make that kind of money everyone and their dog would be training to be a locksmith.

There is no denying that a locksmith can indeed make a very good living, but they put in an awful lot of hard work, have good business sense, work very long hours and, it has to be said, experience a certain amount of luck when it comes to their clients.

It takes a long time to learn the locksmith trade, then you have to establish yourself and earn a reputation so you have a quality customer base and constant referrals. Being a locksmith is not a way of getting rich quick, it has to be viewed in the long term.

Your earnings as a locksmith will depend on a number of factors. Are you going to be a general locksmith or specialise in an area such as cars or safes? Are you going to work for a company or go down the self employed route? Do you live in an area where there are few locksmiths so you can charge top dollar or somewhere saturated with locksmith so you have to keep your prices down? Are you prepared to be a 24 hour locksmith to make more money on emergency call outs? Being a locksmith is a very satisfying trade, but not one that will let you retire after a year or two.