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Work Christmas Parties

Work Christmas parties in Perth are fun, a chance to show your appreciation to your staff who work hard in your business, for staff to relax together… after 10 years hosting staff Christmas parties we have a few thoughts on what works & what doesn’t.

For employers:

  • Check the date prior to booking – you may well not be able to have a 100% attendance rate but that is the goal, so ask all staff members before printing invitations and booking. You don’t want a valued employee feeling overlooked & missing out.
  • Ask what your staff want. Are they 5 star restaurant people or do they like a buffet and open bar? (Our guys are the latter!) Make it about your staff & not your personal preference.
  • Show your appreciation – Christmas cards and a heartfelt speech are important. If you can afford a Christmas bonus payment that’s even better. Include staff partners in the celebration & make it a warm and friendly event.
  • Home safe – ensure everyone is getting home safely, car pooling with a non-drinking guest; getting picked up or taxi is essential.

For employees:

  • Free drinks is not a challenge to drink as much as possible – make a hog of yourself and you may find limitations applied the following year, if your workplace has staff reviews, yours may not be as favourable as you’d like – this is still a work event.
  • Be grateful – your employer does not have to provide you with this Christmas event. They only expect a thank you in return – it means more than you realise.
  • Whilst the following are not all -thankfully- personal experiences we’ve had, search the web & talk to other employers & you’ll see they are worth mentioning….
  • DO NOT –
    DRINK TOO MUCH; Vomit from drinking too much; urinate in public because you drank too much (see the pattern?; make inappropriate comments or grope anyone; fight; argue; complain about work or reviews; swear loudly; drive the company car whilst over the limit; bring uninvited guests; fail to attend.