5 Different Types of Locksmiths

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5 Different Types of Locksmiths

1/ The Established Shop Owner

These are usually the old school locksmiths that have been around longer than most and built a business on reputation and have a good high street presence that attract the bulk of their custom.

2/ The Warrant Locksmith / Sub Contractors

The majority of the warrant locksmiths work is on behalf of or for another company under an agreed contract usually in the form of Energy Company runs or for national locksmith chains.

3/ Specialist Locksmiths

As well as general locksmith work these locksmiths specialise in a particular niche area of the trade such as Safe opening and repairs, Vehicle locksmith and key programming or Access control and electronic hardware.

4/ Locksmith Trainers

Alongside their own locksmith work, train new locksmiths with basic to advanced skills for training agencies and back to work programmes.

5/ Part Time Locksmiths

As well as their main locksmith work also have a little something on the side generally related to the trade such as tool production, websites and seo services or completely different trades such as plumbing and heating. These locksmiths make up the main bulk of the mobile locksmith community.