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Perth Customer Service

clock service locksAny business that wants to be successful and long lasting will know that having a strong, caring customer service focus is absolutely essential.

So Perth customer service may sometimes appear to be …lacking.  But what makes for good customer service?

Here’s our thoughts…

Listening.  Hear what your customer wants rather than making assumptions.   Are they on a tight budget?  What are their main concerns?  Are they needing urgent work done?

Honesty.  Never sell or suggest anything that isn’t in the clients best interests.  We believe in treating people how we would want to be treated .  If we can suggest a way to save you money we will.   There are lots of businesses in Perth that seem to feel this way and it is very reassuring to see.

Fairness.  We charge a responsible price to be fair to our clients whilst providing a professional service.   After hours services are more expensive as our locksmiths need to be fairly compensated for getting out of bed on these 2C nights!

Interaction.  Our locksmiths are all security licensed, they have their names and uniforms clearly visible (as well as very clearly sign written vans!).  Our administration team (Sharon & Kate) answer calls and queries professionally and efficiently.  We know you don’t have time to waste!

Communication.  We are able to advise you on a time our locksmith is due to arrive, or we can call you half an hour before our locksmith will be there so you are not waiting around for us any longer than necessary.

Gratitude.  Ever walk into a shop and feel like you’re an inconvenience?  Not nice.  We know how fortunate we are to have such loyal clients and we are very grateful you continue to choose us.

Anything we’re missing?  Always feel free to let us know how we can improve, our client feedback forms are online on our website & also at the front counter of the shop,   These are given direct to the owners to follow up.

Thank you!