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Working Safer Outside

With the hot summer we are experiencing in Perth, this can pose real issues for workers needing to be outside to complete their work.
Whilst employers have obligations to protect your safety, there are also ways of making your working life not only safer but more comfortable.

Wherever possible work in the shade or indoors. Where this is simply not practical, UV rated broad brimmed hats; light loose clothing (preferably long sleeved, collared and long legged for UV protection) will help protect against the suns damaging and dehydrating rays.
A minimum 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen and sunglasses to protect skin and eyes are essential, it is also important in Australia’s climate to ensure you use sufficient sunscreen and reapply as recommended.

We encourage our employees to ensure they are drinking an adequate amount of water (quantity is dependant on your personal needs) Freezing a refillable bottle overnight and taking it to work the next day is refreshing. There are electrolyte drinks on the market that are beneficial also. Staff vehicles fitted with airconditioning can be a welcome break for those on the road during the day.
Importantly, if you feel you need to acclimatize or have medical issues (not limited to but examples include pregnancy; recent illness etc) talk to your employer or seek medical advice. Stay cool & safe Smile emoticon