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Why buy from a locksmith?

When you purchase from us, you can be assured of receiving professional tailored advice from locksmith technicians with a vast knowledge of products from all the top quality brands on the market.  We regularly attend new product launches and are passionate about staying up to date with the latest locksmith software and innovations.

You also receive genuine peace of mind from knowing you are dealing with people who not only take pride in their work but guarantee it.

You will soon find that a professional locksmith will carry and order in only quality products to suit your needs today and into the future.   Purchasing a cheap safe or a roughly cut key from a hardware store may only be a good buy until it’s security is tested!  Non fire rated safes or keys that dont work once you get home are just a few of the hazards you face when not dealing with a professional locksmith.

We happily provide free advice – so please feel free to call with any queries.

Locksmith Leederville

Locksmiths for Industry

Differing industries need a variety of security and lock solutions, which means you need a locksmith who can offer advice, products and the ability to service those products into the future. We believe in offering a variety of solutions where possible to suit your industry in Perth. No matter what type of business you run, … Continue reading Locksmiths for Industry

Home Security Tips & Tricks

While it’s difficult to protect your home from professional thieves, most home burglaries are done by amateurs. These thieves are more easily thwarted if you employ some of these simple security precautions listed below: Lock up your home, even if you go out only for a short time. Many burglars just walk in through an … Continue reading Home Security Tips & Tricks

Types Of Locks

When looking at purchasing locks for your home or business, the amount of options can certainly be overwhelming. There are many different types of locks and several different security factors to consider before purchasing. This page will explain the different types of locks and the security features that should be considered. Although there are many … Continue reading Types Of Locks

5 Different Types of Locksmiths

1/ The Established Shop Owner These are usually the old school locksmiths that have been around longer than most and built a business on reputation and have a good high street presence that attract the bulk of their custom. 2/ The Warrant Locksmith / Sub Contractors The majority of the warrant locksmiths work is on … Continue reading 5 Different Types of Locksmiths

Radio In Locksmith Workplace

Our workshop locksmiths like to have the radio on while they work, it’s calming, beats boredom, keeps everyone up to date with the news etc. I was surprised to learn that background music has been used in the workplace for centuries. Even in the Industrial Age women and occasionally orchestras would be hired in the … Continue reading Radio In Locksmith Workplace